CONGRATS!!! You are about to tie the knot! No worries... no fuss...keep it simple and have our mobile notary perform your solemn commitment ceremony.

FUN FACT: Florida is one of only three states (the other two are South Carolina and Maine) which authorizes their Notaries Public to "solemnize the rites of matrimony."

A Florida Notary may perform a marriage ceremony providing the couple first obtain a marriage license from an authorized Florida official and may only perform a ceremony within the geographical boundaries of Florida.



Our notaries are NOT attorneys and are therefore unable to provide legal advice. No conversation should be construed as such.

We carry the FL standard $7500 Notary Bond, $25K ONLINE NOTARY BOND AND $100K EOE Insurance

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ALL our notaries are vaccinated, have hand sanitizers, wear masks and practice reasonable social distancing while performing your tasks. This is for ALL our safety. Ours, yours and our community!

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