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Hire a reliable mobile notary signing agent in Florida. From verifying the identity of signers to completing notary certificates, we can do it all. Call 561.473.3762.

We travel to YOU to perform the required notarial acts. Even though we may be mobile, our duties still remain the same:

  • Verify the identity of the signers
  • Ensure there’s no fraud
  • Check if the parties are signing the contract of their own free will
  • Determine if the signing parties are familiar with what they are signing
  • Witness the signing of the contract
  • Complete notary certificates

The industry’s answer for a more convenient notary process is the mobile notarization. And no...it's NOT a new thing.

It's simple, really: A Mobile Notary visits homes and businesses where there are documents that need notarizing. We then execute the required transaction(s) and then deliver the legally binding documents to the other parties to the transaction. Really, it doesn't get much easier than this (and it saves time too!) So, the only question now is - what are you waiting on? Our process is quick, simple and highly professional. Get in touch today!



Our notaries are NOT attorneys and are therefore unable to provide legal advice. No conversation should be construed as such.

We carry the FL standard $7500 Notary Bond, $25K ONLINE NOTARY BOND AND $100K EOE Insurance

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ALL our notaries are vaccinated, have hand sanitizers, wear masks and practice reasonable social distancing while performing your tasks. This is for ALL our safety. Ours, yours and our community!

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