Who are We?

Notary Agent Elite is a small but highly efficient and exceptionally talented and professional remote/online/mobile notary team. Established by former Corporate Banking Executive, Bridgette A Daley, you can be sure the same rigorous standards of excellence practiced by almost 30 years as a financial executive will be applied to all you notarial needs.

Providing In Person Elite Notary Services in Indian River, Martin, Palm Beach and St Lucie Counties. We also provide national and international remote/online notary services.

Notary Agent Elite guarantees you an affordable, convenient way to get notarized documents without having to leave your home or place of business. We have hundreds of satisfied customers who can vouch for our services!

Each member of our professional team was appointed by the Florida Secretary of State to serve the community! Our appointment by the state mandates we deter fraud. In our capacity as notaries and signing agents, we promise to:

  • To ensure that all documents presented are authentic
  • To ensure that signatures are genuine
  • To ensure that the signers are not participating in the transaction under duress

With our expansive and flexible notarial services, you can be assured, we can meet ALL your notarial needs!

  • General mobile notary services
  • Swearing in
  • Consent forms (Minors getting piercings or tattoo)
  • Trust/ wills
  • I9
  • Minors travelling without their parents
  • Vehicle authorization
  • Weddings
  • Home closings / refinances
  • Power of attorney
  • Remote/Online Notary Services

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We are flexible, responsive and exceedingly professional. Available on-demand, in person and online - and stand ready to travel to YOU to perform your notary services!.

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Serving Palm Beach and The Treasure Coast

Elite Services deliver Exquisite Testimonials

Bridgette and her team is amazing. Due to Covid, we had to drastically change our wedding plans. We chose to have a truly intimate beach ceremony with a few loved ones. Our notary was professional and showed us such grace during this sacred time!

Sandrine & Trevor B.

Elite Service Provided - Wedding

I was working on a critical business deal and I needed some documents notarized at the 9th hour! I was so flustered, but my notary responded to my inquiry and within an hour, was at my door step! I was so relieved that I was able to get my document notarized and my deal finalized! I highly recommend this team. #DealSaver

Amanda P.

Elite Service Provided - Contract Execution

Travel is my life! I finally had a chance to take my daughter on her first international trip, but I needed her father's signature notarized on her passport application. Due to his crazy work schedule as trucker, it nearly impossible to schedule during "normal" hours. Notary Agent Elite was able to provide a notary on a SATURDAY night! WOW.

Tracey H.

Elite Service Provided – Passport Form Notarization

Notary Agent Elite is my go to for all my signing agent needs. You can see real estate transactions are skyrocketing in the Palm Beach & Treasure Coast area. I need an honest, flexible and reliable signing agent that can handle the work load! This team prints, notarizes and returns the executed packages to the institutions!.

Robert W.

Real Estate – Home Closing



Our notaries are NOT attorneys and are therefore unable to provide legal advice. No conversation should be construed as such.

We carry the FL standard $7500 Notary Bond, $25K ONLINE NOTARY BOND AND $100K EOE Insurance

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Member American Association of Notaries


American Association of Notaries

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Indian River, Martin, Palm Beach &

St Lucie Counties

National and International Remote/Online Notaries

ALL our notaries are vaccinated, have hand sanitizers, wear masks and practice reasonable social distancing while performing your tasks. This is for ALL our safety. Ours, yours and our community!

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